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Structural blade root repair and refurbishment

Structural blade root repair and refurbishment


Our client approached us with an issue relating to a manufacturing fault in some of their blades – 60 in total. The blades would have to be dismounted from the turbine then transported to a suitable place for repair, and the client did not have premises where the blades could be repaired.

Our Solution

We provided blade technicians to conduct a repair to the customer specification, as well as a climate-controlled unit to carry out the job, which we prepared for arrival of the blades.

We transported the blades safely to our climate-controlled unit, then structurally repaired and completely refurbished each blade, including a new paint finish.

We worked with the client to develop solutions for all problems faced, ensuring a smooth process and that the was completed within the required timescales.


We provided an integrated solution for the client, giving them advice on transport and storage, and providing a central base to store the blades.

We saved the customer the cost of hiring a climate-controlled unit, significant transport costs and were able to provide a quick and efficient turn around on the repair.

We extended the life cycle of the blades, which keeps the turbine operating and produces power.