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Coast Renewable Services acquires new building

Coast Renewable Services acquires new building

Coast Renewable Services has recently acquired a new building located in Dundee.

Led by Mark Robson, our team are dedicated to transforming this vacant space into a state-of-the-art Business Centre.
Our project aims to achieve a comprehensive renovation that will establish a modern office environment. The main goal is to further accommodate our staff and business expansion plans, whilst also offering rental office spaces to like-minded organisations. This initiative seeks to create a vibrant hub that brings together businesses in Dundee.

The Business Centre offers a wide range of exceptional facilities, including:

  • On-Site Gym
  • Meeting and Board Rooms
  • Stores Rooms
  • Garden Space
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points

We are eager to begin the renovation process and transform the space into an exceptional facility. This exciting phase represents a significant step forward in our journey.

Join us in this exciting endeavour as we create a vibrant and collaborative environment for companies in the area.

For rental details please contact: