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Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for the Renewable Sector

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems for the Renewable Sector

Turbines can catch fire due to an electrical or mechanical fault which can spread to the surrounding switches, components, and the structure of the turbine. This can result in irreparable damage or total loss of the turbine. The cost and time of replacing a wind turbine is significant, therefore protecting your assets are crucial.

Fires in electrical panels usually start out of sight and in an enclosed space, the damage may already be significant by the time someone notices it. With up to 8,000 components powering turbines, maintenance is crucial to keep them running efficiently and reduce the risk of a component-related fire starting.

The Reacton Fire Suppression system does not require human intervention, it protects critical areas of the turbine such as the nacelle, activating automatically and will suppress a fire within seconds of it occurring. Reacton puts their systems through rigorous testing, providing you with full peace of mind of the high quality of the systems.

The system protects control cabinets, transformers, and Hydraulic parts. It’s easy to install and no electrical power is needed, meaning you are protected 24/7 and even during any downtime for your turbine.

We work with our partners over at Reacton Fire Suppression to install this simple and effective system across the Renewable sector.

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