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Leading Edge Tip Repair

Leading Edge Tip Repair


Our client brought to our attention a turbine with erosion damage to the laminate leading edge tip. They needed a repair team to come out to the site to assess the damages and conduct a repair.

Coast Approach

We deployed blade technicians to perform a repair according to the customer’s specifications. The blade underwent a comprehensive restoration process, including sanding, cleaning, application of laminate and vacuum, filling, and painting. A comprehensive report was filled ensuring that the client possessed a thorough and detailed record outlining the precise details of the restoration process.


Following the thorough restoration process, the turbine blade went through a comprehensive rejuvenation. This restoration endeavour revitalised the blade, reinstating its structural integrity and performance capabilities to an excellent state. As a result of this, the turbine can now function at its absolute peak performance levels, delivering optimal efficiency and output as intended.