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Preservation of wind turbine components

Preservation of wind turbine components

Preservation of wind turbine components

Wind turbines, before being installed on the wind farm, have to pass several tests and inspections to verify that they are completely functional.


The components can be transported to various ports worldwide after they have been made. However, preservation inspections and work must be done on all the various components to ensure that the recently created parts continue to function as normal.

Finding firms from around the world to preserve the new wind turbine components at whichever port they happen to land them can be challenging for the client, so it is advantageous for one company to oversee all the work and ensure that they create an effective process. The client who built the turbines was looking to source a company who could provide an efficient service to ensure that their components were being maintained to the highest possible standard.


To ensure that the clients’ wind turbines were undergoing the full preservation works, we provided a dedicated team of technicians who have been fully trained to visit ports throughout the UK. This included maintaining accurate datasets which we provide to the client.

When Coast personnel arrived on site, they first complete the tower and blade preservation checks, which entails a visual inspection to identify any defects. This involved entering the turbine and performing numerous activities like turning the drive train and pitching the hub rotors using an oil pump. The drive train, nacelle, and hubs must all be preserved. By doing this, we made sure that before installation, all the parts are turning and working as they should.

We have a dedicated process for preservation that includes a checklist specific to the components:

Preservation of:

  • Tower
  • Blades
  • Drive-Train
  • Nacelle
  • Hub

These procedures involved inspecting dry bags, looking for internal and exterior damage, and making sure they are on the proper storage apparatus while being held at ports and on the job site.

Throughout the entire process we maintained a great relationship with the customer, keeping them informed with dates and images of the completion and preservation of each component in the ports and on-site.


To complete the full spectrum of operations from arrival at the port to installation, we helped organize the transportation of the components arriving at the site and subsequently installed these turbine components. The process reduces the possibility of any breakdowns or defects from occurring when it comes to installing the wind turbines, ensuring that they are ready to be installed.

We provided a consistent range of services to the client and built a relationship with them, so they trusted us to complete the works. The client subsequently asked for our services on another project.