Coast Offshore

Main Component Repairs

Our workflow process, built on decades of experience, has proven successful across diverse projects. We offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Endoscopic Inspections
  • Gearbox Up tower Repairs
  • Generator Bearing Replacements and Rotor Cable Replacements
  • Gearbox Refurbishments and Complete Overhauls
  • Gearbox and Generator Replacements
  • Blade Bearing Replacements
  • Traverse Repairs and Replacements of KW Turbines
  • Pitch System Repairs and Replacements
  • Yaw Sector Replacements, Yaw Gear Replacements
  • Main Shaft/Bearing Replacements
  • Fluid Exchanges for Gear, Hydraulic, and Cooling Systems
  • Transformer Exchanges and Cast Resin Repairs