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Site Management

Site Management

During the construction of a wind farm the site manager is required to be on-site to oversee all operations. Site managers are on site from the initial set up and manage the full installation of the wind turbines. The turbines then produce power and provide clean energy to thousands of homes across the UK.


  • Health and safety is imperative to any organisation, it is crucial that the site is safe and that we work in a zero harm environment. The client must trust the site manager to ensure that the health and safety procedures are always being followed.
  • The client, who is responsible for the wind turbines, need to source a reliable site manager who they can trust to deliver great results and provide excellent communication throughout the entire project.
  • Site managers need to be able manage teams so that they are working to their full capabilities.
  • We must pick a trustworthy and experienced representative to run the site to ensure that the project is delivered with optimum efficiency and safety.

Our Solution:

  • Coast Renewable Services have provided a range of component site managers throughout the UK and Europe. Site managers have built wind farms for a broad range of clients and achieved satisfactory results for every project. Safety is a key factor; site managers undertake regular training courses to ensure we keep in-line with the current safety regulations.
  • A Coast site manager oversees everything from the initial site setup meeting to the final turbine supplying power to the grid. This includes supervising a wide range of teams and contractors. The coordination of these teams is critical in the construction of the wind farm. We hold daily toolbox talk meetings, which allow us to plan for the coming days and ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and what is expected of them.
  • We attend daily and weekly meetings with the client to update them on current progress and highlight any difficulties that we are facing.
  • Coast has a team of site managers within the organisation who all have varying levels of experience but are competent and proven to deliver results. They all have prior experience managing a variety of teams to construct these wind farms, ensuring safety from the first delivery to the final stages of construction.


  • We are tasked by the client to build a wind farm and we have always delivered. As a site manager, we are in charge of all operations and must organise, co-ordinate, and manage a team of workers to ensure that these wind farms are constructed and are able to produce clean energy to power thousands of homes.
  • We ultimately accept responsibility from the client who places their trust in us to deliver excellent results.
  • Throughout the construction of the turbines, it is the site manager’s responsibility to keep the wind farm as economically viable as possible.

Each day, around the world, wind turbines are capturing the wind’s power and converting it to electricity. Wind power generation plays an increasingly important role in the way we power our world – in a clean, sustainable manner. We are contributing to a green future are helping reach the government’s target of net zero by 2030.