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The importance of routine maintenance in wind turbines

The importance of routine maintenance in wind turbines

Wind turbine maintenance is very important, this keeps the turbines running smoothly. When turbines break down they can be costly to repair, when the the turbines aren’t running they are running at a loss.

The average life span is between 20-100 years, depending on the type of turbine.

To extend the lifecycle of assets, preventative maintenance is required. Every technical system requires regular maintenance. This is usually performed at set intervals, typically a few times per year.

As turbine components are exposed, extreme weather conditions pose a risk of damage, this is why turbines need routine checks.

If wind turbine components fail, the turbine may have to stop. This means unscheduled service at higher rates, costly repairs, loss of revenue and  they will fail to meet government electricity demands.

A poorly maintained turbine can pose danger to the land or people near by.

Each turbine requires maintenance however many factors way up the frequency of the maintenance, this includes the location, age and the amount of energy the turbine produces.